Techincal horrors

FistSadly, some cheeky fucker has hacked our server and decided it was a good idea to delete our main Braincore Database.

As a result we’ve had to roll back over a year to an old backup. Which means the last 5 or so releases are currently not available and the site doesn’t look as lovely as it did a week ago as the design updates we spent ages on are missing.

Apologies for this, we’ll get things back up to date soon and thoroughly learn a lesson about backing shit up regularly.


An absent friend

Absent Friend

Sadly, one of the artists on the recent DJ Kaos release is no longer with us. These are some words in his memory….

“At the end of last year I lost a very good friend.

His life ended much too soon at 28 years. He produced electronic music in the style noise and noisecore.

Music was his life and he was just this act out more and more. He stood up for free, non-commercial music. A lively person with which one could laugh and have much fun. He left behind 3 kids and a lot of friends.”

His name was Ben also known as Massive Injury and 34F.

- Joshua Lemaitre (DJ Kaos)

BC_037 Released!

BC_037 DJ Kaos Remixed Welcome to the start of the long weekend….and what better way to celebrate the resurrection of a huge rabbit than a slab of Remixed noise courtesy of DJ Kaos and friends?

The harsh, abrasive noise of DJ Kaos has been twisted, mangled, dissected and hammered into fierce submission with no regard for your well-being.

With aural delights that would have Christ himself running for the nearest cave there is no better way to compliment the destruction of endless chocolate eggs.

Check out the Release Info Page for the download link.


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